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Do I Need KYC

The prospective customers , the customers who need to regularise their connections , the customers who want to reactivate their dormant customer status, also in case of transfer of connection and change of name in case of death of connection holder, the KYC is required to be submitted.

The LPG control order of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (MOPNG) permits one LPG connection in one household. This restriction is because LPG is a subsidised product and unrestricted number of connections may lead to unauthorised use of subsidised LPG.

Accordingly, multiple connections are not allowed in one household. Anyone who has more than one connection should immediately surrender the same.

In case your name/address features in the suspect list but you genuinely do not possess multiple LPG connections, then you are required to submit KYC form along with Proof of identity as well as Proof of Address indicating that the households are different to your distributor.

Click here to download KYC form.