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Procedure for regularization of & Change of name in LPG connections
Regularization of LPG Connection :
  • Person in possession of the cylinder/s, pressure regulator and SV of an authorized Customer is available / missing :
    • Written consent from registered customer for transferring the connection in the name of the person actually holding the equipment & SV. Consent letter format available with distributor and to be submitted duly filled to the concerned LPG distributor.
    • Actual holder of the SV & equipment to submit an undertaking indemnifying the Oil Company against any claims on account of such transfer of connection. – format available with the distributor.
    • Distributor will verify particulars against records. Once found in order, will prepare TV in the name of the original SV holder and refund the security deposit amount to the person indemnifying the Oil Company.
    • Security deposit at prevailing rate shall be collected from the holder of the equipment and fresh SV issued in his/her name.
    • In case of SV lost/misplaced, an undertaking for loss of SV to be submitted.

  • Person in possession of the cylinder/s and pressure regulator without any connecting document :
    • Persons holding LPG equipment without any connecting document (SV/DGCC), to submit undertaking and pay security deposit at prevailing rate.

    • Transfer of connection due to death of SV Holder :
    • Next of kin to deposit original SV and produce copy of (i) death Certificate and (ii) Legal heir certificate/NOC from other legal heirs/undertaking as per standard format.
    • Fresh SV shall be issued in the name of the beneficiary on same deposit as in original SV.

Change in name during lifetime of the customer :

  • Transfer of the LPG connection within family (i.e. Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister) is permitted.
  • Registered customer to submit written consent in favour of the family member. Family member in whose name the connection is being transferred to indemnify the oil company against any claims on account of such transfer – format available with distributor.
  • Original connection shall be terminated through TV. Fresh SV shall be issued in the name of the beneficiary on same deposit as in original SV.

Note : All the above cases of regularization / name change should not be in possession of LPG connection from PSU oil company and shall be required to submit proof of Identity & address, KYC form, declaration. The SV shall be prepared only after de-duplication check.